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Something of a jewel in the crown of the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla lies East of the Virgin Islands. Its stunning beaches and lush climate are sure to attract visitors of all types and interests. While it is serviced by its own airport, hiring a car here is highly recommended for exploring the area. From the valley, which is its capital, it is easy to negotiate Anguilla as it is so small but due to the fact that the island was previously a British Colony, it is straightforward for British people to find their way around.

Christopher Columbus sailed to Anguilla in 1493 but never landed. A visit in May will ensure that you encounter Anguilla Day – although Anguilla was actually declared a separate dependent territory from the British on December 19th, 1980. Thirty three of the best beaches in the world are located right here, and the hospitality offered by the Anguillians is second to none. Given its location close to St. Martin Island, it is well placed for hopping around the other islands. There is a strong artistic heritage in Anguilla; many artists have travelled here seeking inspiration. During the summer, you can also experience the summer festival which starts in August – you’ll find a wide range of activities, including boat racing, dancing and music – as well as parties. There is also an excellent Jazz Festival, which happens in November.

Of the many attractions – which are largely beach-related – Anguilla also has a host of exciting places to visit such as the Old Salt Factory and Pumphouse, as well as the Manse building. For golf enthusiasts, it is also worth visiting the Temenos Golf Course, which is managed by Cap Juluca. It was designed by Greg Norman and is said to provide one of the ultimate golfing experiences in the Caribbean.

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