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With a strong history of tourist interest and growth, Andorra is also made an attractive option for car drivers given its closeness to both France and Spain. From either of these neighbouring countries, motorists can enjoy spectacular drives through the mountainous outskirts of this delightful country - made all the more necessary by the fact that Andorra is not services by its own airport; entry by car is particularly straightforward from the Spanish border.

Traditionally a remarkably isolated country with its strongest bonds being to France and Spain, during the later part of the twentieth century it has come out of its shell and been embraced more widely by its neighbouring countries and tourists alike. With its fascinating hotchpotch of languages, which is dominated by Catalan, Andorra is truly a hybrid country. After having been admitted to the UN in 1993, Andorra much more effectively established diplomatic relations and has been embraced as a member of the EU. Strongly recognised for its Roman arts, the capital Andorra la Ven is home to the architecture of the most brilliant cathedrals in the country, as well as cosmopolitan shopping facilities.

Because of the naturally rugged landscape Andorra is famed for, you will find primary options for visitors are out-door – there are several resorts at hand including the Pas de la Casa skiing resort, to the Arinsal Mountain which is an ideal spot for trekkers and hikers, offering deserted landscape and breathtaking scenery. Though small, the mountain is blessed with some of the most dramatic landscape in the Pyrenees. In one of the many results, be sure to take advantage of the activities on offer in the resort, which includes activities such as guided tours of the mountains and even the construction of igloos. During the summer, hiking, mountain biking, and stunning alpine scenery is the main attraction for Andorra visitors.

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